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Students enrolled in Intro to Race & Ethnicity at Mississippi State University developed projects related to Racial Disparities in COVID-19.  These podcasts and zines help illustrate racial disparities in COVID-19 and provide resources for understanding these disparities.  

Featured Projects

Systemic Racism and COVID-19 Disparities in Washington D.C.


Emily Lyon

The Racial Risk of Rurality

Reagan Poston

The Racial Risk of Rurality - Reagan Pos

The Untitled Podcast:
How COVID-19 might be affecting black voters in America

Ethan Foster

The Unititled Podcast.PNG

Colorblind Racism, COVID, and the Media

Jada Mevs

Society's Menace: 
COVID-19 within Black Americans

Chandler Bryant, Nece Shelby, Tonaria Smith, Alexis Whitfield

Society's Menace.jpg

Good Morning Greenwood:
Racial Disparities and COVID-19

Patricia Carver

Good Morning Greenwood.png

COVID-19: The Racial Divide

Kyle A. Barron

COVID-19-The Racial Divide - Kyle A. Bar

COVID-19's Impact on College Students

Shanelle Burley

COVID-19's Impact on College

Systemic Racism and COVID-19 Disparities

Justin McGee


A Conversation on Racial Disparities in COVID-19


Race In America:
How COVID-19 and Systemic Racism are Related to Each Other and How it Affects Communities of Color

Stephanie Kauffman, Hunter Latham, and Blake Michaels

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