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Gabe H. Miller is a medical sociologist with research and teaching interests in health disparities, political and policy determinants of health, LGBT health, critical race theory and racism, and racial and ethnic relations. He received a B.A. in Political Science and Africana Studies from Texas A&M University and a Ph.D. in Sociology with concentrations in health disparities and race and ethnicity from Texas A&M University.  He will join the faculty at Mississippi State University in the Department of Sociology and Program in African American Studies in Fall 2020.  

Outside of teaching and research, Gabe works with local community members and organizations on juvenile justice and health related interventions.  When he isn't teaching, researching, or working with community partners, Gabe can be found second shooting weddings with his partner, Robby, traveling and exploring, or binging a favorite tv show.

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My research lies at the intersection of the sociologies of health and health disparities, race and ethnicity, and political sociology. Theoretically, I argue the social determinants of health have largely overlooked the impact of politics and policy in health outcomes and that political epidemiology should be prioritized in the study of health. My overarching goals are to investigate the mechanisms and implications of inequality and stratification and how marginalized communities cope with this inequality and attempt to make change.  I place special emphasis on physical and mental health disparities and political epidemiology. 

My research agenda includes work on:





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